how an author website is designed

Because Poppybird Studios creates custom websites, the creative process is a little different for each client. Nevertheless, the stages of development are roughly similar: initial contact, planning, content creation, website design, website development, and launch. Throughout the process we are collaborating with you, as our client, to ensure that we are all on the same page, that we are developing a site that suits you, that communicates who you are to your readers as well as the media. Don't be overwhelmed with the diagram above. Still it represents each detailed step along the path. We carefully walk you through each step, as needed, to fulfill your vision of a site that represents your brand, you!

Initial Contact

Our initial contact with you will begin the process. We can meet in person if you prefer or Skype over long distances. Telephone contact alone is also possible. Our goal would be to discuss your background, your book(s), your overall goals for the project. We begin to get to know your style, your personality, the image that you want to project, and how you want to connect with your readers.


We begin the planning phase with a more thorough needs assessment and research. At this point we read your book or books. Honest we do! We find that it helps us gain a greater understanding of your voice as an author and informs our creative design process. We also begin to lay out a site map, that is, the outline of pages and navigation through your site. Initial wireframes are created. This is designer lingo for the layout of the pages.


The next two phases are actually conducted simultaneously. The first is the creation of content. We have a seasoned author and publicist on staff who leads this phase. She will work with you on content, helping with research, writing, editing, and more. She will gather photos, book jackets, internal links that are necessary to guide your viewers to the information that they are seeking. She is also well aware of what the media may be wanting and ensures that this information is readily available.


In the design phase, we focus on the aesthetics of your site. We create the artwork for the landing page as interior pages. We design a custom theme just for you with a color scheme that you like or that is consistent with your latest book. This is where your personality really shines. The design elements are key in creating that feeling that connects you to your readers.


During the development phase we do the coding of your site to translate all of our wireframes and design elements into a live site. We also begin populating the pages with the content that you have created with our assistance. We test your site across all of the browsers and across desktop and mobile devices to ensure that your site displays well for all your readers.


The last step is to launch your site. We will move the site from our servers and subdomains to your primary domain and test to ensure that everything works as it should. We also work with you to walk you through the steps necessary for you to manage and update your site whenever you want. We can always help you with that, but we know that many of our clients love having control over updating their information immediately as needed.