The heart of our business is website design and development.

We offer strategy, design, and development of custom WordPress sites.

Visual Design

90% of what a visitor feels when they see your site is created by the design. We design beautiful sites that make a visitor feel welcome. We also design in a way to connect the visitor with the real you, the way you want to be seen in the world.

Website Development

The design of your site must be translated into code. HTML, CSS, PHP… ah.. our favorite acronyms. We keep ourselves current on all of the latest standards to ensure that your site is clean, efficient, and secure.

Content Development

Content is King! You can write your own content and let our professional writer and editor polish it up. Or let her take the reins altogether. Either way she will make sure that your content engages your site visitors and encourages them to stay awhile.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms change frequently. What worked last year may not be the same as now. We stay current with the latest updates in the algorithms and make sure that we build your site with the code to help you rank.


If you have something to sell, whether a product or a service, and want to sell it online, we can build an ecommerce solution that makes it easy for those on your site to make purchases as well as one which is easy for you to manage!

Template Assistance

Don’t want a custom site? Just need a little help implementing your template. Don’t worry, we can help! If you need assistance from beginning to end or just putting on some finishing touches, we will provide you with what you need.


You may already have your website name and hosting set up. If so, there is no need to change. If not we will help you find one that offers great service at affordable prices.

Why WordPress?


WordPress is used by over 20% of the websites on the Internet.  While it started as a blogging platform, it has evolved into a full content management system (CMS) with the flexibility to create almost any site around the CMS. It is  an Open Source project, meaning that it is coded and documented by hundreds of people around the world.  There are many more who create plugins, widgets, and themes to go with it, giving it the power to create almost anything you can imagine.  It is now used by creative artists to display their portfolios, by professionals in many industries like the legal profession or financial industry, as well as by companies selling products online. It is a platform with enormous horsepower to accomplish a multitude of objectives.

By using the power of WordPress and the custom theme that we design for you, we enable YOU to be in the driver’s seat.  There are many changes you can make without calling your website developer.  Of course, we are always available to help.  We’re just saying that you don’t have to rely totally on us.  You have some independence!  You have control!

Visual Design

services-designThe key to WordPress is making it look like something OTHER than a standard blog.   This is what communicates that you are a successful professional or profitable small business. We are skilled in designing your site to make that happen. The layout, the graphical elements, and the overall user-friendly structure will make you standout from the crowd. It will lend credence to your work.

The design of your site will not be a cookie-cutter design. It will be custom made to fit you and your brand. We often draw inspiration from photos or graphics that you already have. Or in our discussions with you we will no doubt pickup on your personal style and the style of your business – the overall image you want to project into the world. If you are wanting to make a change to your image, you might just suggest an overall aesthetic that you want us to achieve. In any case, the design is a key component of our work.

Website Development


After we complete the design of your site, we will begin to create the necessary code to translate it into a fully functional website. We keep ourselves in tune with the latest web development trends to ensure that your site is compliant with current standards. We develop efficient code for the best and fastest functioning of your site and to make sure that your site is secure. We also attend to things like responsiveness so that you site will be visually appealing on a variety of devices from a desktop computer to the latest version of the iPhone or Android device.

Content Development


You might want to write your own content for the site. However, we have found that the use of a professional content writer/editor can be enormously helpful as well. We have this person on staff to work with you in crafting the best content for your site. As they say in the business “content is king!” We want yours to be outstanding.

Search Engine Optimization


Throughout the development of your site, we incorporate search engine optimization best practices in the code. This is the only way to achieve recognition on the web and raise rankings on the search results page. Many design companies give no attention to SEO, but we feel it is important in order to help your site to be SEEN and not simply a site in the black hole of the internet.

While our customized service packages provide this essential “on-page” search engine optimization for your name, f you would like additional search engine optimization to rank for specific keywords, we offer an add-on package. We will conduct keyword research to understand search volume and competitiveness for your keyword(s). We will further detail on-page optimization and off-page strategy recommendations. If requested we can implement these strategies for you at a reasonable cost.

Ecommerce Solutions

You may be here because you have something to sell – in some occasions you may have something to give away. There are several methods to accomplish this.  If you want to sell your products or services directly to site visitors, we can integrate a solution that is easy for you to manage right on your website.  There are a number of options and we will assess your needs and recommend the one that is the best match for you.  In the end you will have a seamless website that showcases you and your products or services and also gives visitors the option to support you with their purchase.

Hosting Services and Domain Management

services-hostingMany of our clients already have their domains purchased and have a monthly agreement with a hosting company. If you have that and are happy with the service you receive, we will gladly work with what you have already in place. Alternatively we can recommend vendors who offer these services to you, or we can even handle all of it for you at a very nominal fee. If you are not particularly technical and don’t want to spend time managing these aspects of your site, let us do it for you!

Help with Templates

services-template We have all done it. We’ve bought a template thinking that it would save us money only to find out that installing it and making all of the design changes that we want is more cumbersome than anticipated. Don’t get lost in the weeds of using a template. We can help! For a very affordable price we can help you with your template. You may need help with everything from installation to customization and launch of your site. Or perhaps you are mid-way into the project and simply struggling with the time it takes to make all the changes you would like. At whichever stage you have found yourself, we will gladly help. Again our services for implementing templates are customized for your needs. Pricing varies based on how much or how little help is required. However in each case we believe you will find that we offer an affordable solution to get your website up and running.