Poppybird Studio: Your Best Choice for Website Design and More

We specialize in website design services for individual professionals as well as small businesses who want to connect with clients or customers and know that their web presence makes that important first impression.

Designing Your Image

Over 90% of the feel of a website comes from its design. We design beautiful sites that give your visitors the feel that you want, that matches your work and your brand.

Website Design Services

We will design and build a custom website for you that projects your own brand image. Our specialty is in working with individual professionals and small businesses to help them express their unique brand through the element of design. Whether the spirit of your brand is fun and quirky, modern and sleek, or traditional and conservative, we work to make the site fit you to perfection.

Building Your Tribe

We help you build your audience through social media channels with unique services that are designed to help you connect, engage, and promote your service or product.

Social Media Services

There are so many avenues to connect with potential clients and help build your ‘tribe.’ We will help with design elements and technical aspects of making this happen. From designing a consistent brand image to use across social media sites to developing custom apps to engage your audience, we help set you up to make the most of social media.

Selling Your Work

Perhaps you want to sell products online. There are many options for setting up an ecommerce site and we can help you choose the best solution for your needs and setup you up for success.

Ecommerce Solutions

Some professionals or small businesses like to sell products or services online. If that’s you we can help by integrating an ecommerce solution directly in your website.

The home for our website design services is in Franklin,TN

We would love to meet with you if you live anywhere here or in the Nashville area. However we serve people across the country and can connect via phone or face-to-face via Skype. Contact us to set up a free consultation.